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Let’s face it. We all know that it is expensive for most working people to live in Beaufort County. I learned from my work with Beaufort’s Lowcountry Affordable Housing Coalition how the lack of affordable impacts our economy. It affects our ability to recruit and retain highly qualified personnel in every area of our community and while a great deal has been done to address this issue through a variety of studies and policy considerations, we can and must do more to bring these initiatives to fruition.

Like the many constituents I have spoken and listened to over the last year, I want to see the best qualified teachers, school administrators, nurses, and other health care workers, first responders and hospitality employees come to our county. Too many agencies and businesses are seeing well qualified recruits turning down positions because they cannot find suitable housing for themselves and their families. We want to make Beaufort County an attractive place to live and work. I pledge to work with County Council, County Administration, and municipalities to find an efficient and  workable solution to this problem now.